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Euromex stereomicroscope (used)

A used, vintage Euromex stereomicroscope is for sale. The original base and a wider base (the one in the photos) are supplied. the wider one […]

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Curculionidae from different locations

Unmounted and mounted Curculionidae from different locations: Europe, Marocco, Senegal, Argentina.

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Solifugae from Kazakhstan

Some Solifugae from Kazakhstan are available

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Scoliidae from Kazakhstan

Some Scoliidae from Kazakhstan are available.

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Unmounted Chrysididae for sale/trade

Many unmounted Chrysididae are available for sale/trade.

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Oriental Xylocopa (Apidae)

A specimen of an Oriental Xylocopa (Apidae) is available.

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Paper wasp nest

A paper wasp nest is available.

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Mud nests of Sceliphron (Sphecidae) with Stilbum (Chrysididae)

Some mmud nests of Sceliphron (Sphecidae) with Stilbum (Chrysididae) are available.

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Mud nests of Lasioglossum (Halictidae)

Some mud nests of Lasioglossum (Halictidae) are available.

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Sphecidae/Crabronidae from Argentina

A few mounted Sphecidae/Crabronidae from Argentina are available.

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