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Welcome to Entoads

Welcome to Entoads, a place where entomologists, insect collectors and traders can publish their classified ads in order to buy, sell or trade specimens and equipment.

Entoads is a directory of entomological ads, where it is possible to search for scientific specimens, books and other media, field equipment, or even research instruments such as microscopes and specialized photographic equipment.

At the same time, Entoads is a virtual showcase for registered users – private or professional – where to show and where to post, in order to search, sell, or trade specimens or entire collections.


By posting ads on this site, the user acquiesces to the following conditions.

1. Entoads does not admit ads on vertebrates or on threatened species according to the “Washington Convention” (CITES) or to local, federal, and international regulations. It is unique responsibility of the user to comply with such laws and regulations and Entoads will remove all those ads that are not in line with this indispensable directive.

2. All negotiations arising from Entoads are made privately between user and user. Entoads does not mediate, does not remedy and does not intervene in any way in the negotiations and in the relationships between users.

Read more: Terms and conditions.

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