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Some mounted and unmounted Tenebrionidae from different locations are available: Morocco, Italy, Africa, etc.

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Some mounted and unmounted Asilidae from different locations are available. Some other Diptera are available, too.

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For sale/trade some Cephidae from different locations.

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Ichneumonidae & Braconidae mix

For sale/trade some mounted and unmounted Ichneumonidae & Braconidae from many locations (Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Laos, Philippines, Argentina, etc.).

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Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Hymenoptera Chrysididae from different locations. Mounted, unmounted, soft in liquid, identified, unidentified. Trading with other Hymenoptera Chrysididae, Orussidae, Methochinae.

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Looking for Mutillidae and other wasps

I’m looking for Mutillidae and other wasps like Chrysididae, Tiphiidae, Scoliidae, etc. from N America, C America, S America. Buying or trading with other wasps […]

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Limulus polyphemus

Limulus polyphemus, total length 37cm. Class: Merostomata Family: Limulidae Order: Xiphosura

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Some scorpions are available: Mosobuthus from Cyprus Buthus from Morocco Androctonus from Morocco

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Tiphiidae from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and more

Available for sale/trade some diurnal and nocturnal Tiphiidae from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other locations: Argentina, Italy, Ukraine.

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Sphecidae and Crabronidae from Italy

Some Sphecidae and Crabronidae from Italy are available. Mounted and unmounted. I can sell or exchange them with Chrysididae or Orussidae from everywhere.

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