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BAD TRADE WITH Jorge Hernan Jensen Guzman (eBay user: apterodorchus)

Based on my negative experience, I report this man from Chile as a fraudulent eBay seller. Not only he did not send my specimens, but […]

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Vials and tubes

Some vials and tubes are available for sale: 100 x 2ml vial w/ cap 90 x 7ml tube w/ cap 10 x Falcon 50ml w/ […]

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Melolonthidae from Argentina

Some Melolonthidae from Argentina are available.

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Selling or trading beetles (2/2)

Selling or trading beetles from Europe, Morocco, Senegal, Argentina, Paraguay. Cicindelidae Cassolaia maura maura Morocco Cephalota (Taenidia) circumdata imperialis Spain Cicindela (Cicindela) campestris atlantis Morocco […]

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Selling or trading beetles (1/2)

Selling or trading beetles from Europe, Morocco, Senegal, Argentina, Paraguay. Buprestidae Acmaeodera (Acmaeodera) affinis Morocco Acmaeodera (Acmaeodera) cf. cylindrica Morocco Acmaeodera octodecimguttata quattuordecimpunctata Morocco Acmaeodera […]

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Perotis unicolor unicolor from Morocco

Some specimens of Perotis unicolor unicolor (Coleoptera Buprestidae) from Morocco are available. Some more species are available, too.

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The Academic Papers UK

The Academic Papers UK is the most reliable academic writing help and dissertation writing services provider company that assists students in writing their dissertations, coursework, […]

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Scorpions from Morocco

Some scorpions from Morocco are available: Androctonus mauritanicus Buthus sp. Hottentotta franzwerneri Scorpio maurus

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Paussus (Katapaussus) from Senegal

Some fresh Paussinae (Carabidae) from Senegal are available: – Paussus (Katapaussus) cornutus – Paussus (Katapaussus) armatus and more.

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Mutillidae and Bradynobaenidae from Tajikistan

Some Mutillidae and Bradynobaenidae Apterogyninae from Tajikistan are available. Some nocturnal species are present. I sell or exchange with Chrysididae, Tiphiidae Methochinae, Orussidae.

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