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Cetoniidae of Iran

Hello, We sell different species of Cetoniidae from Iran. For more information please check our website: http://insectsofiran.ir/2017/07/07/scarabaeidea/

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Coleoptera of Iran

Hello, We sell different species of Coleoptera from Iran. Please check our website. Sell Insects

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Cetoniidae from Argentina

Some Cetoniidae from Argentina available for sale or trade.

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Carabus (Tomocarabus) convexus (Carabidae)

Some specimens of Carabus (Tomocarabus) convexus (Carabidae) are available.

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Ochodaeus chrysomeloides (Ochodaeidae)

Some unmounted specimens of Ochodaeus chrysomeloides are available. Selling or trading with Chrysididae and Bolboceratidae.

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Odonteus armiger (Bolboceratidae)

Some fresh specimens of Odonteus armiger (Bolboceratidae) from Italy for sale or trade.

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Omophron limbatum (Carabidae)

Omophron limbatum (Carabidae) from Toscana, Italy. Selling or trading with Chrysididae and Bolboceratidae.

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Small beetles from Argentina and more

Some specimens from Argentina belonging to smaller Coleoptera families, like: Bruchidae Dasytidae Gyrinidae Heteroceridae Hydrophilidae Lampyridae Lycidae Nitidulidae Melyridae Other insects/arachnids available: Blattodea, Cicadidae, Hemiptera, […]

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Hottentotta zagrosensis (Scorpions) from Iran

For sale 1 nice scorpion of the species Hottentotta zagrosensis from Iran.

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Die Goldwespen Nordafrikas (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae)

Die Goldwespen Nordafrikas (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) by Linsenmaier, W., 1999 Paperback 281 pages NEW

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